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Purpose, passion and pride - Full-time employee to full-time business owner

December 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Several months ago I gave notice of my intentions to resign my day job of 4 years as a Graphic Designer at Rush Enterprises in order to pursue photography.   Basically the reasons behind it were three things....purpose, passion and pride, a concept Steve Gilliland educated me on when i saw him speak. I found that at my day job, my only purpose was to do a good job so my colleagues could depend on me. There was no more passion in the job and thus not much pride except for the fact that it's a well respected company. Rush is a wonderful company with great people and I'll never forget that. They gave me a great send off with an autographed Die-Cast model of Tony Stewart's #14 NASCAR car as that was a campaign I worked on through the years. 

In contrast with my photography, my purpose was making a difference in the people I served. Helping them sell a house, capture that moment with their newborn and family, or having something to be proud to show their friends and family before their wedding.  My purpose is making people happy, doing what I'm good at making beautiful images and paying the bills along the way. This drives my passion as well as an overall thrill to reach success and thus pride. Like climbing a mountain top or scaling up a cliff. I'm finding new challenges and learning about how to be a better businessman, from sales to number crunching and I'm thrilled with the prospect of having my future in my own hands. The world is what you make of it. Never say never.

So today, almost two weeks after my last day on the job, my previous employer has contracted me to photograph their Technician Skills Rodeo event and hopefully this will be a long lasting relationship. I can't imagine a better transition and I hope to give them some great images. As of now, we have done 215 headshots, one group shot, several large meetings a pool party at The Menger hotel, a quick hello to The Alamo (Amen) and two more days left to go.

Looking forward to the course ahead!


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