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Product Photo Shoot - Yellow Mudflaps

March 18, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Product photo shoot for Rush Truck Centers' yellow mud flaps. Brilliant!... ;)

The model in this was a great guy and had been there for over 30 years. I tried to thank him twice with a tip and he wouldn't take it. A true testament to one of Rush's mottos, "Our people are our strength." 

Video Shoot - Rush Truck Centers Mobile Service promotional

March 08, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Rush Truck Centers - Mobile Service  Shooting these rigs driving down the road and photographing the technicians was an awesome challenge. The setting was chosen for minimal distractions in the background and realistic work site scenarios, direction of the sun and a wide open space so as not to crash the drone into any trees or road signs. Ideally a two man SUA set up would have been ideal, one for the camera and one as the pilot in command. Then the Rush team took the clips and put the footage into their branded video style. Nice work Javi!

Veramendi Subdidvision - Lifesyle Shoot

October 25, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Veramendi is a new home master planned community and has a ton of outdoor living aspects with pocket parks, awesome pool area, bike friendly lanes and trails and overall a community centered vision to inspire neighbors to be full of life. This day took a lot of planning and scheduling from location, to direction of the sun, to finding models and props for each scene. We used artificial light towards sunrise and sunset, but overall, just natural sunshine. Special thanks to Lisa Westerbeck Fossum ( a local New Braunfels Realtor, who dealt with most of the coordination of models and props and also posed in several scenes. And finally a big thank you to the models who participated and Veramendi!

All images Copyrighted by Fossum Studios and licensed to Veramendi, LLC.


Veramendi Pool - The Ledge

September 01, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Cool Topo Chico's, water fall pouring and great sunsets at Veramendi's, The Ledge.

Images copyright Fossum Studios 2021. All rights reserved.

Photoshoot at M/I Homes Sweetwater - Lakeway, TX

August 10, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

This is photography of the model home at M/I Homes' Sweetwater location at 7009 Empresa Dr, Austin, TX. It's a chill master planned community with hillside views. M/I Homes always has excellent staging and themed bedrooms to show a little local knowledge of the neighborhood. This particular one had a bee room that highlighted the Bee Caves community. They really have beautiful and sophisticated homes with a fun flare for their customer experience. Nice work M/I!

Photographing architecture and semi-trucks from Houston to Dallas, Texas

January 17, 2021  •  1 Comment

It started at 4:30 a.m. as the dark roast coffee was brewing. I gave thanks for my day, for getting to photograph for Rush Truck Centers and prepared my mind for the opportunity the sun would bring in 2 hours and 10 minutes — sunrise began at 6:40 a.m.  With the drone, portable strobes and back up camera batteries changed, I packed it all up and headed to the site with the schedule fresh in my mind. The watering of the concrete began an hour ahead of shoot time. Photo-hydrology is a crude art that is something between creating a painting and getting solder to flow on an electrical wire. The water has to sink in and absorb on the concrete canvas until it saturates and holds a glossy sheen and if you are working with old decomposing asphalt or pea gravel pool decking, bring a fire truck to spray with. As you go, you watch for the dry spots and work the surface repeatedly with the hose until it all holds a constant saturation for as long as possible and then when the light is right, take the shots.

These shoots went particularly well as the staff on-site was prepared and eager. Troy Ottmer at the Houston Medium-Duty Rush Truck Centers even rented a water trailer for the parking lot. I also came prepared with an 8-pack of Black Magic Tire Shine, the best I've found.  The diesel technicians seemed to have fun with the pics and liked seeing the final shots in camera. But most importantly, my contacts who hired me back at corporate liked them as well. 


Photographing Crane and Refuse Trucks

December 31, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Photographed these big boys this week for the best truck dealership in the nation, Rush Truck Centers. 12 hours shooting and 8 trucks inside and out. Now the post-processing begins to prep for publication. Thank you Rush! #FossumStudios #RushTrucksCenters #crane #MobileCrane #keepontruckin

Rush Tech Skills Rodeo 2020 - Virtual Competition

December 21, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I was honored to shoot behind the scenes at this virtual conference. I've photographed the competition for several years at the convention center with tech's working with tools hands-on, but this year, with all the streaming/conference technology, the studio set up at ATX and overall coordination that went into it. I'm amazed. Rush Truck Centers always goes the extra they say, "Expect More.


#RushTruckCenters #FossumStudios #RushTechSkillsRodeo #productionfor #atxeventsystems

Corner Star Lodge - Gateway to the Guadalupe

December 04, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Corner Star Lodge - Sattler, TX Corner Star Lodge - Sattler, TX Corner Star Lodge - Sattler, TX Casey Ellis - New Braunfels, RealtorCasey Ellis - New Braunfels, Realtor Corner Star Lodge - Sattler, TX Corner Star Lodge - Sattler, TX Corner Star Lodge - Sattler, TX After working with New Braunfels Realtor, Casey Ellis, to photograph and videograph to sell this charming Cowboy Cabin, an amazing example of log cabin architecture, reminicent of the Timberline Lodge featured in The Shining. The new owner made some updates and hired Fossum Studios to rehoot. This VRBO cabin is located at the Sattler entrance to River Road, the gateway to summertime tubing, outdoor concerts and wintertime fly fishing, in between New Braunfels and Canyon Lake near the Guadalupe River. It is now open for business as with 6 Camper hook ups to bring the whole family. I mean the WHOLE family. Here is the VRBO link to reserve it:

Amazing Greenbuilt Home - 132 Jordy Road, Huntsville, TX 77320 - 23 Acres

November 25, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Hunstville, TX Luxury Real Estate - 132 Jordy Road
See if this is your new home!  Phone and text contact is (936)939-6295

Offered at $1,120,000


See if this is your new home!  Phone and text contact is (936)939-6295

Offered at $1,120,000




Are you looking for luxurious country living in a modern, energy efficient home? You will enjoy living in this stunning 4320 square foot, 4-bedroom 3.5 bathroom home on 23 acres with a pond in the beautiful East Texas Piney Woods in Huntsville, Texas, Walker County. Home to Sam Houston State University


Energy Saving Features

The house was designed from the ground up to be energy efficient.  It was also designed to be a beautiful space in which to live.  The energy saving SIPS envelope, OSB sandwiching 6 inch or 8 inch (roof) Styrofoam is also stronger than conventional construction.  The two attics are within conditioned space.  On the hottest summer day they may be one or two degrees warmer than the rooms below.   The house is so efficient that the 3 stage heat pump of 5 tons capacity keeps it cool in summer and warm in winter.  There are no annoying outside AC units; the silent heat exchange is with five 300 foot geothermal heat sink wells that were made by Looptech.  For safety, there is no natural gas or propane.  The house is all electric.  The outdoor kitchen in back has a 36 inch propane grill with two additional burners, a sink and a Primo fire / charcoal ceramic grill.  In the kitchens, the cooktops are magnetic induction, a technology that provides faster cooking than gas with better control.  Magnetic induction heats only the steel or iron pot or pan.  It does not waste heat into the air.  Nor does the cooktop heat other than by contact to a hot pot.  


About the Home.

This is a truly unique house, both inside and out. This 4320 square foot home in the East Texas Piney Woods was built  in 2012. It is a 4 bedroom/3.5 bathroom home with two studio/offices. The house follows ADA guidelines with 4 foot hallways and 3 foot doors. 

The house is separated into two wings and upon  entering, you will experience 20ft high great room with overlooking loft, where the space opens  up into the kitchen, with large walk-in pantry and is lit by 2 sets of  12 recessed can lights. The central or main part of the home has a half bath adjacent to one office, an ADA accessible guest bath opposite the guest  bedroom and another office. The two offices could be used as an artist studio or craft room. The recreational loft upstairs leads to 2  floored attics with 698 square feet of conditioned storage space. 

The kitchen itself is amazing with beautiful granite and X wood glassed in cabinets that that reach to the10-foot ceilings with pull drawers for storage; the island has a double sink and Thermidor quiet dishwasher. Appliances include an Electrolux Icon 17 cf upright freezer/17 cf upright refrigerator, Electrolux Icon double oven, Panasonic adjustable power microwave oven and an Electrolux Icon Induction cooktop with 5 burners.

One wing, which is a third of the house is laid  out to be a mother-in-law apartment with its own kitchen, living room,  bedroom with bath and guest room. The bathroom is ADA accessible and sized to admit a wheelchair. 

The other wing includes a stunning master bedroom with his and her closets, one is set up as a tornado room closet. The spa like master bathroom has a walk in dual head shower, toilet  room with bidet and an amazing 6-foot 95 gallon bathtub. 

On the north  and west ends there are porches, then 4 car carports. What was  originally a utility house with a Generac whole house backup generator was converted into a small  workshop. Water is provided by a 120 foot well with 8000 gallons a day  artesian overflow that keeps the pond at a constant level. Heating and  cooling is done with a 3 stage heat pump using 5 geothermal wells for  heat and cold storage. In the summer, the house heat is moved to the  ground while in the winter, heat is moved from the ground to the house.  The walls and roof are of structural insulated panels (SIPS) which  provides not only a thermal barrier, but also very strong  construction. The outside is white Austin limestone with a steel metalroof  by Mueller.   


About the land.

There are 23 acres with Little Sulfur Creek running to the west of the house from the northwest to the south.  The creek bottoms are heavily wooded with loblolly pine, oak, elm,  black gum, and sassafras.  The north and east are secluded by a 15,000 acre tree farm, far away from any major highways.  The water well provides plenty of clean spring water with an artesian overflow of 8000 gallons a day which is directed into the pond. Three easements are on the property.  A water easement for a 36 inch water pipeline goes from east to west just north of the house.  The City of Huntsville sells water to a power plant near College Station with this pipeline.  A power line and gas pipeline go diagonally northeast to southwest across the northwest corner of the property.  



Wild visitors have been deer, wild hogs, coyote,  racoon, bobcat, opossum, armadillo, fox squirrel, gray squirrel, cottontail rabbit and swamp rabbit.  Birds include tyrant flycatcher, indigo bunting, painted bunting, meadowlark, mourning dove, roadrunner, yellow billed cuckoo, mockingbird, cardinal, black vulture, great white egret, great blue heron, sharp shinned hawk, red shouldered hawk,  American kestrel, Merlin and bald eagle. 


The Gardens

Flowerbeds are in front of the house, with a butterfly garden to the east.  The fruit trees include apple, pear, peach, plum, paw paw, and persimmon.  Nut trees include pecan and hickory in the north woods.  An asparagus bed provides a month of asparagus in the spring, shortly followed by Brazos blackberries.  

Facts at a Glance

  Acres:  23

House square footage: 4320

  - Ground floor:  3688

  - Loft:  632

  - Walk in Attics :  two with 698 Sq ft each

  - Porches:  1223

  - Carports:  1440

  - Outdoor kitchen:  486

  - North wing apartment:  986

  - West bedroom wing:  994

  - Main:  1752

-----West Office (part of main): 230

-----North office (part of main): 164

-----Pantry (part of main, off kitchen): 129

-----Storm room (closet in west wing): 86

-----Main part and west wing floors are ceramic tile. 

North wing floor is sheet vinyl.  

The loft floor is vinyl snap in tile.  

The attics are unfinished, with plywood or OSB on the walls and floor.  

Total covered:  6837

  - Heating and cooling is by 3 stage heat pump with geothermal heat sink with five 300 foot geothermal wells. 

  - Emergency back up electric power is provided by a Generac 20KW propane generator with automatic switching. 

  - Hot water is provided by a 40 gallon electric water heater for the kitchen and north wing.  The west wing is served by an 80 gallon hot water heater for the two bathrooms. 

  - Internet is point-to-point wireless with Razer Wireless

Mid-South Electric plans to bring in fiber optic internet in 2021


132 Jordy Road is north of Huntsville via Farm Road 247, then almost a mile on a one lane all weather gravel road.  The Jordy Road community is about 10 miles north of Huntsville, a town of about 40,000 people, and home to Sam Houston State University.  Walker county has about 70,000 people.  To the northwest 20 miles is Madisonville, which is mainly a farming community.  Just south of Madisonville is the Monterey mushroom farm,  one of the larger producers of mushrooms.  It is  a source for mushroom compost that works so well in the gardens.  The public schools are in Huntsville, with school bus service to Jordy Road.   Nelson Creek, a year round clear water spring fed creek, runs about 300 yards to the south and east.  Driving time to Huntsville is 15 minutes; to Conroe is 45 minutes; to Woodlands is 55 minutes; to Houston is 1 hour 30 minutes, and to Dallas is 2 1/2 hours.  

Photos are by Fossum Studios, New Braunfels, Texas


Offered at $1, 120,000


Request a Private Tour (936) 939-6295

 If you have questions or would like to set up a private tour, please call or text (936) 939-6295 or email  [email protected] .  

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