Veramendi Subdidvision - Lifesyle Shoot

October 25, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Veramendi is a new home master planned community and has a ton of outdoor living aspects with pocket parks, awesome pool area, bike friendly lanes and trails and overall a community centered vision to inspire neighbors to be full of life. This day took a lot of planning and scheduling from location, to direction of the sun, to finding models and props for each scene. We used artificial light towards sunrise and sunset, but overall, just natural sunshine. Special thanks to Lisa Westerbeck Fossum ( a local New Braunfels Realtor, who dealt with most of the coordination of models and props and also posed in several scenes. And finally a big thank you to the models who participated and Veramendi!

All images Copyrighted by Fossum Studios and licensed to Veramendi, LLC.



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